The American Plague

Every single day in America, 100 lives are ended as a result of gun violence.

A Health Crisis

It's time to tackle this uniquely American epidemic like the public health crisis it is.

Seek Solutions

It's time to promote public safety with public funding and seek solutions rooted in sound scientific research.

The American Plague: Let's fund a cure

Demand action, demand funding, and demand a cure for The American Plague

All profits from merchandise sales will be donated to the John Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions.

The Center for Gun Violence Solutions combines the expertise of the country’s most respected gun violence researchers with the skills of the nation’s most experienced gun violence prevention advocates. They develop and apply scientific research to identify a range of innovative gun violence solutions and to advocate for systemic changes.

The American Plague

Creative Commons License

The American Plague campaign artwork is licensed by its creators at Biolumina Group LLC under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Any financial benefit obtained from derivative artwork should be donated to John Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions or other non-profit organizations working to end gun violence in America.